About Us

Friends that blockchain together, stay together. As blockchain enthusiants the team at Hathor Nodes has been investing and following the crypto space for years. After developing our Engineering, DevOps, and Analytical skills in the professional world, we decided to give back to the crypto world! From there, Hathor Nodes was born. Aiming to take validating and blockchain analytics to the next level, we’ve been tirelessly working to understand the Cosmos SDK and the needs of its community so we can provide analytics solutions! From Osmosis in Graphs, to our validator governance metrics, we hope to equip members of the Cosmos Ecosystem to make educated governance decisions and steer this Ecosystem to the bright future it has ahead of it!


Hathor Nodes will monitor its voting power related to the set of validators and increase/decrease its self-bonding should we become an outlier.


Hathor Nodes will actively participate in governance by voting for proposals and making our reasoning available, whether by request or on our website.


Hathor Nodes will actively engage w/ its delegators and the broader community of its blockchains. Fostering a sense of community w/ our fellow Cosmonauts across the Ecosystem is critical to us.

Data Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of data integrity. Each analysis has its data extraction, massaging, analysis vetted and verified by an experienced Data Scientist and Engineer.